Tractor owners are encouraged to participate in the 16th Annual Iron County Fair Tractor Caravan and Show, to be held September 5 – September 7 2020. The Tractor Caravan and Show is hosted by the Color Country Antique Machinery Association. The Cedar Breaks Model A Club will also participate in the caravan.

Tractor Caravan route

The Caravan will travel from the Old Summit Truck Stop to Fairgrounds in Parowan. The Caravan will start west side (Exit 71) of Summit exit at the Old Truck Stop at 10:00 AM, Saturday September 5th.

Trailers, trucks, etc. can be left at the truck stop. The Caravan will travel 7 miles to Parowan via Old Highway 91 and will finish west of the Grandstand at Iron County Fairgrounds. A dinner will be provided for all participants and family members at the Fairgrounds.
A tractor show will then be held at the West Fairgrounds.

There is a $10 fee per tractor, or $25 maximum fee for multiple tractors by one owner.

Rules for this Caravan:

  1. Tractors can be any make, model.
  2. Drivers must meet state requirements.
  3. Tractors should have slow moving signs on them and a fire extinguisher
  4. Tractors are encouraged to fly big American Flags.
  5. Family members or others may ride on tractors in a suitable seat or in towed vehicles, but you are responsible for their safety.
  6. Tractors will travel in one of two groups, those which can travel 10 mph, and those which are slower.

Antique Tractor Pull

WHERE: Iron County Fair Grandstand

WHEN: 1:00 PM Saturday September 5th, 2020

Returning for the 2020 Iron County Fair is the Antique Tractor Pull, held at the Iron County Fair Grandstand. This event has evolved over time as farmers try to prove who has the toughest tractor. Originally two tractors would hook drawbar-to-drawbar and stage a tug-of-war. Today, a transfer sled is utilized. This weighted sled transfers more weight from the sled to the tractor the further it travels down the track, until the tractor is stopped by the load. The longest pull in each tractor weight class is declared the winner. Tractors will compete against other tractors of similar weight. The weight classes for tractors range from 1,500 lbs to over 10,000 lbs. The Antique Tractor Pull is being sponsored and conducted by the Color Country Antique Machinery Association (CCAMA) and is open to all two wheel drive tractors manufactured in 1969 or before.

There are two different divisions:

  • 3 mph Farm Stock (for antique tractors made before 1960)
  • 4.5 mph Farm Stock Plus (for all antique and classic tractors made prior to 1970)

We welcome new comers to this sport, but if you are not a member of CCAMA, you will be required to join the organization or pay a $10 one day fee for insurance liability reasons. Each tractor is limited to two pulls (two different weight classes or two different drivers on the same tractor in one class.) There will be a $5 hook fee for each pull. A scale will be available to weigh your tractors.

Pre-registration is highly encouraged but drivers MUST register with the club secretary, who will be at the old announcer stand in front of the bleachers. Registration will be open no later than 1 pm on the day of the event. Drivers must attend the mandatory safety meeting on the track at 3:30 pm.

Pre-register for the pull with June Salisbury 435-632-1470 or [email protected]

For more information contact Sheridan Hansen at 435-586-7512 or Bill DeSilva at 909-641-2187.


Contact Sheridan Hansen at 435-586-7512 or Bill DeSilva at 909-641-2187.


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