Kenneth Cope Sunday Program

The Sunday Evening Program on September 6, 2020 will feature Kenneth Cope and be held at the Entertainment Tent (Or Parowan High School Auditorium in case of inclement weather) at 7:00 PM. Free to the public.

Kenneth Cope Bio

I have always loved music. Both of my parents’ families have a lot of musical talent. My mother sang a solo on the old Lawrence Welk Television Show when she was about 17. She was also a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir at the age of 18. As well, her father played fiddle and guitar, while her brothers played guitars, banjo and bass, and they all sang together in a band that traveled throughout the west. On my father’s side, his mother was studying to be an opera singer until she decided to have a family instead. Music flows pretty heavily in the genes. My brothers and I sang together quite a bit when we were younger.

I decided to be a musician through prayer and the voice of the Spirit. I knew I wanted to be one, but didn’t know if I was supposed to be one. So I went to God, truly wanting to know His will for my life. I finally received a confirmation that this is what I was supposed to do. However, I did feel a lot of spiritual urgings to be careful in order to go about it the right way. My training has been limited in worldly terms to junior high and high school choirs and bands but much less limited in heavenly terms. God is the best teacher available to us, and He has really blessed me. I worked pretty hard to develop my talents. Then, when an opportunity came along, I guess I was ready—prepared to take it.

I had the experience to make a cassette single of a theme song I had written. However, making that single gave me experience…made me more prepared for when the next recording opportunity would come along. Every project is a stepping stone to the next one; and each one should be the best we can give at that point in our lives. The goal is to keep growing, keep finding better ways to speak to the audience, and reach them on a deeper level, making a greater connection with them each time.

I’ve come to believe that my desire to get it all was a blessing. I love words. I get so many ideas out of the best books, the scriptures being at the top of the list. As far as the music goes, I like to study successful music. I like to listen to movie soundtracks, orchestral music and great contemporary songs that really have an impact on people. I like to analyze them. I gravitate toward what resonates with me. And I try to use similar techniques in my own compositions. After a while, all these elements and techniques become natural to my way of creating. And as no two people are exactly alike, no two people would ever write a song the same way. We take from the world around us and express as only we can. This is why the world is full of so much wonderful music.