The PRCA ProRodeo will start at 7pm on Saturday September 5th, and at 2pm on Monday September 7th.

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You can catch PRCA ProRodeo right here at the Iron County Fair on Saturday, September 5th at 7 p.m. and Monday, September 7th at 2 p.m. Come and enjoy all the excitement of a PRCA ProRodeo. Saturday night starts off with a Pre-Show at 5:30 p.m. (your PRCA ProRodeo ticket will get you in the gate.)

Be sure to stay after the Saturday evening performance for the firework display sponsored by AMPAC and Battista and Rio Locatelli Family.

There will be dances in the entertainment tent both Friday and Saturday following the rodeo.

Entertainment: Bert Davis


Sit yourself down, and prepare to be entertained! Bert Davis, the Coppertown Clown is here! He’s armed with a wacky sense of humor and a wonderfully trained group of dogs and performing in front of a large rodeo crowd is ‘old hat’ for this veteran entertainer, rodeo clown, barrelman and specialty act. His stage is a rodeo arena and his cast of players’ bark and howl; his quick wit, award winning comedy routines and ability to interact with a crowd offers up the promise of tear rolling laughter for his audiences.

Bert Davis, often dubbed the “Clown with all the Dogs” reached the third round in the TV show: America’s Got Talent; they were the only animal act to make it to Las Vegas in 2010. Known as the “Muttley Crew” this act features ten rescue dogs, adopted by Bert and his wife, Frannie, all of whom are superbly trained tricksters. Davis has been working in the rodeo business, beginning his career at age 16, as the youngest bullfighter in the nation; that was the start of a noteworthy career that has brought a long list of awards and honors for Davis. He has been selected three times to perform as the featured act at the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas Nevada. Bert has been nominated for the PRCA Comedy Act of the Year Award several times. Bert has been a PRCA Gold Card member since 1998. Bert and his dogs have been International Contract Acts Showcase Champions seven times. In 2012 they won every category they entered in the Showcase.

While Davis is a courageous and hilarious performer; it is his numerous dogs that truly endear him to the spectators. Those sidekicks, with their high energy antics make Bert, the Coppertown Clown, one of the best and most-traveled animal specialty acts in the industry. They have gained international notoriety by performing in five provinces of Canada, 43 different States and in Australia.

Not much can throw a funnyman who has faced rampageous bulls on a daily basis. What keeps this extremely courageous and hilariously talented performer going those thousands of miles, year in and year out? Well, it comes from the heart… Garth Brooks sings “It’s the roar of the Sunday crowd” in Rodeo. But for Bert Davis, the Coppertown Clown, it is the roar of any crowd.

This act features 10 rescue dogs, adopted by Bert and his wife, Frannie, all of whom are superbly trained tricksters.


Ticket prices are $10 for adults and $6 for seniors and children 12 and under. Gates for Saturday August 31st will open at 4:30 p.m. for Advance ticket holders and at 5:00 p.m. for all others. Then on Monday September 2nd Advanced ticket gates open at 12:30 p.m. with all others opening at 1:00

Bar T Rodeo Company

Bar T Rodeo Company was founded in the Red Rocks of Moab, Utah over 60 years ago by
Cowboy Hall of famer D.A. Swanny Kerby & his wife Verda Kerby. Swanny Kerby brought som
of the early rodeos to Utah and continued to produce top quality PRCA rodeos all across the
Western United States taking bucking stock to the first National Finals Rodeo in 1959 in Dallas,
Texas and every NFR since. Their Son Bud Derby and his Wife Evelyn took the Bar T to the next
level making it a state icon and one of the top rodeo companies in the United States. Bud, a
saddle bronc rider and pick up man, was highly respected as one of the best bucking horse men
in the industry. He built a breeding program that today is one of the most sought after horse
herds in the world. Twelve years ago Bud and Evelyn’s daughter Wendie and her husband Jeff
Flitton started a Bull breeding program. Several Bulls have been selected to go to the Nation
Finals Rodeo.
Today the Bar T Rodeo Company has been passed to the third generation and is owned by Jeff
and Wendie Flitton, along with their son a fourth generation family member Cody Flitton. The
Bar T counld not run and operate without the help of many family members, Evelyn Kerby, Sam
and Kellie Addington, Lori and Martin Pierce who all love the family heritage and the sport of
rodeo. The Bar T rodeo family works hard maintaining the quality bucking horses and bucking
bulls that the Bar T Rodeo has been known for.
Bar T Rodeo’s saddlebronc Fancy Pants has won two National awards, with previous top stock
awards for bareback and saddlebronc. Many years they have won top stock awards in
bareback, saddlebronc and bulls including an Animal of the Year award, go round buckles,
Remuda, breeding program, and many other awards.
Award winning animals are –
Fancy Pants – saddle bronc
Alley Cat – bareback
Sparrow – saddlebronc
Bitter Robin – bareback
8 Ball – saddlebronc
Top Gun – bull

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