Carnival Midway Attractions at the Iron County Fair!

NOTE: The carnival will be open with a sample of their rides during the Demolition Derby.

Carnival Midway Attractions is a full service mobile amusement company from Orange, California that services over 50 events each year – including fairs, festivals, community celebrations and church festivals. Our family has been in the amusement business for over 4 generations, originally starting at the Long Beach Pike.

We own a wide variety of amusement rides providing family fun for all ages. For the younger generation we will bring the exciting “Dragon” roller coaster and the child pleasing rides like the “Bear Affair” and the “Samba Balloons”, not to mention a 100-foot long super slide.

The thrill seeking and young at heart will fly high on the heart stopping “Vertigo” and the old favorites, “The Zipper”, “Pharaoh’s Fury” and “Twist”.

We also provide family fun for all generations as you gaze over the fairgrounds from the 70 foot “Century Wheel” and we bring back memories as you ride joyfully on the magnificent, three abreast Carousel.

We also have wonderful, family oriented games for geared for everyone that wants to pop balloons, ring a duck, or try their luck at shooting baskets. Don’t forget those French-dipped hot dogs on a stick, caramel apples, and a huge bag of fluffy cotton candy.

These are just a few of the rides, games, and food items we will be bringing for everyone at the 2019 Iron County Fair.

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The carnival will be open with a sample of their rides during the demolition derby starting at 4:00 pm. Advance tickets for the carnival are not accepted at this sneak peek.

Tickets available August 3rd!

Exciting opportunities are available when purchasing your tickets and ride passes this year. There are three types of tickets:

  1. The MEGA Pass, this pass allows one person to ride any day, anytime Thursday, August 29th thru Monday, September 2nd. Turn your pass in to the Carnival box office for a VIP wristband.
    Cost – $70.
  2. The wristband is good for one day from Thursday, August 29th thru Monday, September 2nd and allows one person to ride all day. Advance cost – $25.
    Carnival wristbands Cost $30
  3. Sheet of individual tickets, these are used at individual rides. There are 32 tickets per sheet with rides requiring 3-6 tickets per ride.
    Advanced cost – $20 per sheet
    On site tickets sell for $25
    If you find a wristband would work better, you can turn in your unused sheet with an additional $5 for a wristband.

Advance tickets can be purchased up until Thursday, August 29th at 4:00 pm.

Advance tickets can be purchased at any of the following locations: